Black Soil

Nga Uri o Hau Native Nursery

Ahakoa he iti he pounamu - Even though it is small it is a treasure

Nursery Production

At present, the nursery has the capacity to grow up to 1 million plants each year and grows 22 different plant species, with six main native species being provided for conservation purposes. These are manuka, kanuka, cabbage tree, karamu, harakeke, and native sedge. Additional native species can be cultivated for specific contracts as long as the nursery has sufficient lead time to source seeds.

The nursery is looking to scale up in order to grow and deliver more native plants. Key objectives for the expansion of the nursery are to drive positive social and conservation outcomes, increase skills and employment in the region through training and education opportunities, and to contribute to regional economic growth. 


Eco-sourcing refers to the propagation of native plants from local areas and the planting of them back within the same region. Nga Uri o Hau Native Nursery currently has seeds stockpiled and eco-sourced plant stock available from the Kaipara, Otamatea and Rodney districts, we can also eco source seed for specific contracts. Sustaining genetic biodiversity through wider sources of seed/plant tissue is vital for good ecological biodiversity and creating greater resilience. We understand the necessity of maintaining New Zealand’s biodiversity and supporting existing ecosystems. For further queries please contact us.


Plant Maintenance

A plant that is kept weed-free will grow quicker and healthier as it doesn't have to compete with other plants (weeds) for the available nutrients and water and sunlight

Pest and Disease Management

Nga Uri o Hau Native Nursery adheres to strict Kauri dieback and Myrtle Rust Management Protocols and are free of plague skink and Argentine ants.